Gallery Questions/suggestions

I know is early days yet, and am impressed by it’s similar simplicity and elegance. Thank you. Well done so far.

  • Is there a way to add photos to a gallery after it is initially created?
  • Is there a way to create a gallery from already uploaded photos?
  • How do I see how a gallery will be seen by others?
  • How do I publish a gallery to my blog? Will it appear “in line” like the photos do?
  • Can I rearrange the order of photos of a gallery? This is helpful in creating the photo essay especially.
  • Can there be a way to select the cropping of non-square photos in the grid view of a gallery?

If not to any of these, could they please be on the list?

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I just navigated the gallery as a log-out viewer on my iPhone:

  • unsquare crops look poor in the grid, as suspected
  • Could there be the option of writing an introduction at the begenning, which appears under the grid of photos?
  • on the iPhone, the navigation button at the bottom is very awkward to use, and it is so low on the page pushing it triggers Safari’s interface to pop upward, than a second click, up from the first is required to advance, then the view remains scrolled down on the advanced photo, so I have to scroll up to see it, then read, then double click to advance …

Overall, great look and feel. Simple and elegant and intuitive. Excellent begenning!

Talking to myself here, but I also noticed that the navigation arrows for the first and last photo give no indication of being at the begenning/end. Perhaps further grey/white them out? Or give a behavior of returning to the grid landing page?

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This seems a silly question, but I can’t puzzle it out. How do I log back in to after logging out? I tried using the link from, after logging in. No joy.

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Login question answered: it be burried! Unintuitively, to log in meas to follow the link on the home page that reads: “ Pro users can upload their photos here”.

Could this be updated to read “ Pro users can log in and upload their photos here”?

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Hey, thanks for all the input! This helps a ton with improving the platform :slight_smile:

For your initial questions, most of these things aren’t possible today – but I’ve added them all to our list to tackle in the near future. Just as a heads-up, we’re aiming to launch as a stand-alone product (that continues to integrate with by the end of March. So you should see most of these issues fixed by then.

To address a few questions:

The best way right now would be to open an Incognito tab or Private browsing window, and then navigate to your gallery.

It’s not directly supported right now, but I’m wondering: how would you like that to work? Should the gallery become a single post, with all the photos inserted in-line, and the text for each photo shown below the photo? Or something else?

Would you like to see non-square cropping? Or would it be enough to choose exactly where in the photo it’s cropped as a square?

Yep, all great feedback. We’ll fix these things soon :slight_smile:

Right now you can edit text that shows up under your profile and album titles by clicking the title itself – though it’s meant for a short description. Out of curiosity, what kinds of things would you like to write underneath the grid of images?

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Thank you for the fantastic and thourough reply, Matt. It instills confidence in the platform and I am grateful for your care.

Publishing a gallery to my blog: I really like the in-line idea. Excellent, and better than what I was thinking, which was simply showing the same gallery experience as a post, scrolling through the photos one at a time. Best of both?: show inline, and link to the gallery? There is a contemplative focus to seeing one photo/description at a time.

Cropping: non-square cropping destroys the simplicity of the grid gallery preview. Simply being able to select what square is shown would be fantastic.

Gallery Introduction: An overview of a few paragraphs for the event/trip/ride/topic that appears in Grid view, and shows first in the in-line blog view.

Thanks again!

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Elsewhere I’d asked about photo order in galleries, but I can’t find it. You’d said, Matt, that it orders them by file name. My iPhone appears to name them randomly, as no gallery appears in the correct order. Having to manually name photos is challenging. Could there be an option to have default order be chronologicaly and edit manually from there?

For example, this gallery:

It is a single ride toward the camera, thus obviously out of chronological order.

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I would love to have some kind of “embed code” for my posts. I imagine writing a post on, and I would want to insert a gallery. I am thinking of maybe something similar to a forum short code? I am not sure how intertwined and interconnected both systems are, or will become. But this would give users the chance to use the powerful editor to craft the blog post, and then add the gallery to the post.