gallery link problem

I run into a question, which left me behind me totally confused: On my blog page I do try to link to my galleries for the visitors:

Is this correct!? My link checker tells me, it is a 404 page link? Anything I have to care about or syntax a specific way? Thanks for your help!

If I click that link, I see your galleries, but I am logged in to Perhaps it would show as a 404 to someone not logged in?

Well, yes, I want to show the galleries to anybody visiting my page. So for sure most of them are not logged in to! So is it a feature not a bug!? If one has to bee loged in to see the gallery, it might be the wrong platform for me?

Hey, what URL is returning a 404? What tool are you using to determine this? Can you load your page in your browser’s incognito mode and verify it’s showing a 404?

Your profile is loading fine for me, both logged in and not.

Hey Matt, thanks for reply. I am using firefox plugin “SEO Minion”, which shows the 404 for But you are right, when using Firefox private mode, I can see the gallery.
So, I do sunderstand, that it should be seen, even without being logged in, right!?

Exactly. In this case, it sounds like an issue with that tool, rather than

Ok, fine Matt, if will investigate that. Thanks a lot for your help!
regards an merry XMAS,