Galleries - non-latin charachters display as symbols on upload dialogue

Hi there guys,
I have pro plan and also purchased add-on. I have created some galleries.
But if I give a gallery a non-latin name (specifically Greek), then on the upload dialogue, those galleries will show up with funny symbols instead of letters.

Couldn’t explain it better so I have picture attached.


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I’ve noticed that I cannot add emoji of any kind anywhere in the title or description bar. It will show up as an emoji temporarily, and then go to odd characters in a short period of time after that. At least that’s how it looks on Firefox for me. Anyone have any idea why?

Thanks for reporting this – it should be fixed now! Could you check your Upload page and let me know if things still look incorrect?

Could you share a screenshot of this, @tmo? I’m just having some trouble replicating the bug, and would like to get that fixed.

Yeap looks great now! Thanks @matt

Not “odd characters”, it shows “” where I previously had an emoji. I tried deleting “” and the only thing that works is putting in my own text. Emoji will go back to . At least it was like this the last time I worked with my S.a galleries (about a week ago)

where you see quotation marks, it is supposed to show < n i l > (without the spaces). :confused: