backend makes image colors washed out

Note that I am using a color calibrated monitor with Mozilla Firefox with color correction settings enabled. But practically it shouldn’t make any difference.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. View this photo in browser and download it
  2. Upload it to and view it in browser and notice how the reds are washed out compared to the original

Also from my testing prematurely processes every photo regardless of their file size or EXIF information. As a result, photos optimized with an image optimizer when uploaded to get larger in size and also suffer from the bug mentioned above.

This is an important find, @agyild – thanks for reporting it. Indeed the web-based uploader we use right now does some processing (mostly just image resizing), but if it’s messing with image colors, we definitely need to fix that. I’ve added this to our task list.

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Okay, this is all fixed now, as part of some changes around image orientation. I’ve tested with your sample image and confirmed it works well, but please let me know if anything still looks off to you!

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