and Photo GPS Metadata

Hi, I’m just wondering if the gps metadata on a photo is removed when uploaded to

Sorry for the long wait @dino! My initially impression is that I think strips the GPS metadata. We’ll have to test that out though - good question! Have you noticed anything when trying?

Usually I manually strip off the gps metadata on a photo before uploading to, so everything I have on my account did not have that metadata in the first place. I’ll try uploading a photo with gps metadata and see what happens. My hope though is that just strips it off, so users don’t have to manually do that before uploading.

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Just to update this thread, I took a picture with location services turned on. I verified that the photo had GPS metadata. I uploaded the photo to and used it in a post. When I tried to download the image from the post, the photo did not have GPS metadata. So that’s good!


Great to see. Thanks for verifying this by testing it out @dino!

Thanks for testing that. These are the little gotchas one tends to easily forget. On iOS I use the Metapho app to strip metadata, but there are probably times one forgets.

No problem guys.