- album will not delete + cannot make Hidden albums Visible, again

I revisited my, and changed a few albums to Visible that I had marked as Hidden, but it either didn’t take or there is a period of time that occurs between them being Visible again. I also deleted an old album I didn’t want anymore, and when I revisit the page, it is still there despite marking it for deletion.

Thing is, when I revisited the Galleries page, the albums I had toggled to “Visible” were marked as “Hidden”, like I hadn’t just changed the setting moments before.

Just a heads up.

small hiccup, I suppose - it “took” after a few minutes. It seemed broken for 10 minutes or so, though.

Thanks for the heads up, @tmo. I assume this was from some delay on our data moving around behind the scenes, like I believe you’ve noticed before. It can certainly happen when we’re seeing a lot of traffic on the platform.

We have some performance improvements along these lines coming in the near future, so I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this feature while working on those.

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Thanks @matt , things seems to be working just fine now.

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