Accounts vs. Acccounts

If we subscribe to Pro or above, we get integration. What if some of our blogs are different genres of content and we’d like to keep the images separate. Can this be done within the one account, or would we need to set up a separate account?

For example, in my account, I’d like to keep my art and photography images separated somehow because they likely appeal to different audiences - just like I can make different blogs for different audiences on

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I have the same situation, but like one photo bucket, because I sometimes cross post. If/once galleries can post directly to a given blog, that solves this issue for me. For now, I just post an initial photo and a link to my gallery and figure folks may bump into others, which is fine by me. Folks who know me as a Catholic deacon may be startled to learn I ride a bike everywhere and vice-versa. Grin.


So, I guess we have two scenarios:

  1. User doesn’t mind people finding out that the images belong to the same user, but the user would like to separate them by category/audience. I think this is what Deacon is referring to. I’d also like to have this feature.

  2. User wants to be able to have a single login account, but have multiple identities, which allows for. Example, they have one blog for their personal brand using their real name, and a separate anonymous one for their non-mainstream views that they don’t want associated with their real name publicly. could offer this kind of capability - multiple identities. I also need this one.

Perhaps these features could be only enabled for Pro or higher price tiers.

On individual image are not listed on your profile page, and each gallery can be marked has hidden. On Internet nobody know your are a dog…


In addition to the gallery visibility settings we have now, we will support multiple identities under one account, like we do on Same goes for our other products where it makes sense.

I’m not sure if it’ll be ready by the time we launch the standalone service, but if not then, it’ll be soon after.


Are the multiple identities now supported? If yes how do I enable them? It would be nice if for at least each blog you could get a separate identity.


Sorry for bumping into this again. I really need a separate account, to be able to display galleries / photo albums for a second blog of mine. I have the 5year plan so I have available more than one blogs but galleries are all in one place, thus I cannot direct my readers to the galleries as I do not want to reveal that the two blogs belong to the same account. Is there something implemented for this? Or at least a workaround?