Small Facebook preview image

Good evening.
I noticed that the preview image of the links posted on Facebook are aligned on the left (they appear small) and the text on the right. This is a problem as it is not possible to highlight the post.
The image should be positioned above (so that it appears large) and the description below.

Is it a bug? If yes is it possible to fix it?

I found the main reason why the image shared on Facebook sometimes appears on the side. It depends on the placement of the image. Vertical images appear to appear lateralized to the left and the description to the right; otherwise the horizontal images will appear above (in full post) and the description below.

I hope I have discovered something useful.


Thanks for sharing, Luca! Yes, this is something on Facebook’s end – we don’t have a ton of control over what happens there. But if the first image in your post is horizontal and sized around the recommended dimensions: 1200x630, then it should show up as a large, horizontal image on Facebook.

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