Slow photos page loading on

After uploading new photos, i need to go to my photos page on to be able to click on them to get the link for posting to

Even when I only uploaded two images, I have to wait for a couple dozen images to load before I can see the ones I just uploaded, because there are no links until after the image finishes loading (see below).

This screen shot was about two minutes after clicking to “photos”. All I really cared about in this case were the first two images, but the second one took forever to finish loading (I’m on the latest iPadOS).

Thanks, @matt

Ping! Hopefully this will get some attention.

That’s due to the amazontrust routing preference/interference of the service. You can’t do anything else then reload the page several times until it decides to let go of amazon, or host pics on another service (which I find defeats the purpose of being a paid customer).

There are two projects I was looking at doing over this winter for which I’ll find something other than as a solution if I have to deal with this. It’s a major productivity block when I hit it, and generally leads to me shutting down the computer for the day. Please, @matt tell me there’s something you can do about this.