Slow page load due to timeout of analytics and piwik

For the last day or two I have the issue that the page loads fine but Chrome and Safari are loading the page for a long time. It seems that there is a timeout reaching and loading piwik.php

The content is not blocked by any of my plugins, I have this issue with a “out of the box” Firefox installation and “Anonymous” or 'Incognito" mode of Chrome and Safari.

Hi @jason, we’ve had been getting a lot traffic recently and we’re working on upgrading our infrastructure to handle it. That should take care of the slow load times on the analytics and piwik. We’ll definitely keep everyone updated!

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Just want to give an update on this:

We’ve just upgraded everything over the weekend to handle our current traffic load. This will give us plenty of room for the next million-plus monthly visitors on the platform. Please let us know if you are still encountering slow page loads due to analytics and piwik and we’ll address them accordingly.

Thanks again for everyone’s patience!