Slow initial server response time


I am noticing that it takes a lot to connec to my site ( Especially using 4g.

I am pretty sure that this wasn’t happening yesterday. Maybe a temporary hipccup?

Please find attach the Lighthose report.


Hi @martingl, this was likely a temporary issue as your site got switched from our old SSL setup to our new one (see this thread for details on why there’s a delay). The site is connecting very quickly for me now. But please let us know if this continues!

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Now works like a charm, thx!

Hi @matt!

I am noticing that sometimes it takes 10 sec or so to load the page. Every other web page loads quick on my connection (both wifi & on 4g).

It does not happen everytime, couldn’t figure out a pattern.

Could you please take a look?


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Hey Martin, we’ve still been moving some things around throughout this week, which is why you were seeing that occasional delay. But as of yesterday, we’ve gotten to the root of the problem, and things should be completely stable now.

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Awesome! thx @matt!