Single User Mode and Multiple Collections

Hi! I may be missing something but is it possible to have multiple collections when in single user mode? I followed the Quick Start and I have a clean blog up and running. To add a new collection, I POST to /api/collection with a JSON payload as documented on The new collection shows in the UI, but when I try to save a new post, it immediately goes to the 404 page. Can anyone tell me if I am going about this wrong? Thanks!

Hey, we don’t support multiple blogs in single-user mode right now. But how did you want to use multiple collections in single-user mode? I could imagine some potential technical / UX hurdles, but maybe we could support it.

Hi Matt, thanks for letting me know. What I was attempting to do was essentially have collections of different types of writing. In my case, I wanted to have a short-form tweet-like collection and a long-form blog collection.