Sign up problems


I am trying to create an account at following the little sign up procedure for the pro account but I can’t login afterwards. It always says “User does not exist”.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you in advance.

What is the username?

I tried geekhaven on various browsers / computers

It sounds like you never got through the sign up process. What happens when you press “create blog” while signing up? Do you have javascript disabled?

It opens a new post site but as Anonymous

Okay, it sounds like you might’ve been flagged as a spammer. I’ll send you a private message in a second.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the PM which I followed. It says congratulation but it still ends in the same dead end with user doesn’t exist after the registration & log in

Sorry to bother you again

Did you follow all the instructions and click the button on that page, and then go through the sign up process?

Yes I did. But with the same result as before. I even tried it with a 2nd browser once the first wasn’t working. Same result.

Paid for a pro account on November 27. I created a password and user name but didn’t provide an email. When I log in, it doesn’t recognize my password for that account.

In order to get help and ask questions, today I created a trial pro account, with a new user name and password. But I can’t log in with those either. I did add an email for this account and I can log in with a link for that.

I paid $54 for a pro account I can’t use. I need to get it fixed or get my money back. I didn’t want to associate an email with the account because I wanted to write anonymously with no link to an author.