Show of hands, who shares their content to Read.Write, and who doesn't? (Merely curious)

Purely interested to see what kind of split there is.

I feel like Read.write is becoming a bit of an echo chamber, which is a bit of a shame. I share my posts there but I also share via social means such as Twitter, Mastadon etc for a wider reach.

I share my blog on Read and check it daily. There are time where I have responded to other posts on there and the people have responded back. Little pockets of conversation exist.

What do you all think about ways to make it less of an echo chamber?

I admit I am unclear as to what echo chamber means in this context.

Care to extend on this @digitalgyoza? By ‘echo chamber’ do you mean that Read does not have a wide enough reach and or limited interaction happening between blogs?

I guess what I mean is that it feels like the read.write reach is sometimes seen by people as the only reach that the platform has, rather than a bonus (and optional) community system to their website that can just as easily be shared by other means.

Sorry, not sure best how to explain!

No worries! So the other means of distribution (social channels, Fediverse, etc.) are unclear. This makes it seem like Read is the only way the posts get out. Is that an accurate assessment of what you were saying?

Yes. At least I think this may be the case for some people. I may be wrong but it’s a hunch based on recent blog posts and exchanges on the platform.