Shortcodes List

Is there a documented list of shortcodes that are supported within sites? I have found the references to the email subscription embed shortcode, but haven’t found a comprehensive list if there are others for things like video/tweet embeds, etc. that I have used on other platforms like Hugo, etc.

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Another shortcode is <!--paid--> for paid content.

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Definitely want to put together an official list on our how-to guide, but for now I’ll list out everything here:

  • <!--more--> inserts a “Read more…” link at that position, that readers will see on your blog’s home page. More: Show an Excerpt — How to Use

  • <!--emailsub--> inserts a form to subscribe to your blog via email. More: Email Subscriptions — How to Use

  • <!--paid--> puts any content following this shortcode behind a paywall, currently only unlocked with Web Monetization (as @PaoloAmoroso mentioned)

  • <!--comment--> inserts a “Discuss…” link that leads readers to your post’s discussion on

I think that’s everything right now!


I’d like to suggest that having buttons for all of these shortcodes in the Classic Editor would be very useful.