Severe bug with post invisibility

Describe the bug

When publishing a post in a public blog let’s say tech, those posts under tech blog are not visible to other users. That is when author opens, they can see their posts in list, however when other users visit the same link to view all articles available under the blog, they do not show up. Same when link is opened in incognito mode. Refreshing doesn’t help. Also, posts are not federated.

Steps to reproduce (if necessary)

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Write a post, publish it.
  2. Go to that blog page in incognito.
  3. Posts are not showing up.
  4. Check mastadon profile corresponding to that blog, again posts are not showing up.

Expected behavior

  1. Should list all posts under given blog.
  2. Should be visible from mastadon profile.

Application configuration

  • Multi-user mode
  • Database: mysql
  • Open registration: yes
  • Federation enabled: yes

Version or last commit:
I am using FreeBSD, so installed the latest available package with version 0.14.0.


After whole day passed, one of the posts become visible in the website. However, none of the posts are yet federated.