Setup redirects

I have an old url /monero that is still showing up in the search results of duckduckgo. However, this page doesn’t exist anymore and I therefore want to redirect it to /contact. Is that possible?

The /monero url was back from my previous Hugo blog that I migrated from

Don’t know how easy it is for matt to organise specific pages, or any error, redirecting to a specific page. MIght be outside the scope of his service.

But depending on who you have your domain name registered with you may achieve it through some NS records?

I would have loved to just set a dns redirect but it somehow isn’t supported by porkbun

Use cloudflare (or similar provider) free DNS service instead of porkbun DNS?

But before I register to yet another service I thought I’d ask here for, so I am waiting for an official answer even though I appreciate your ideas.

We do have unofficial support for this right now that we’ll eventually open up to everyone!

However, since this is a manual process for me, just a heads up that I won’t be able to constantly update this for you if you need to make future changes – at least while this is a hidden feature. So if this is all you’ll need for now, I’ll be happy to manually set this up for you this time.

I just need a JSON document in this format (these are example values – replace with your own):

    "from": "/old",
    "to": "/new",
    "permanent": true
    "from": "/another-old",
    "to": "/other-new",
    "permanent": false