Server Not Found

I’m having all sorts of issues with “Server Not Found” errors as I’m attempting to use w.a today. Ironically, not here on, but on my blogs, my w.a/me page, etc.

I have the same problem.

Sorry for the trouble – we’re seeing a ton of traffic that’s slowing things down right now. Working on scaling up to handle it, but you can also keep an eye on our status site to see how things are going:

In case anyone is wondering what they should be watching, considering everything is “operational” most of the time, for blogs, you want this page:

On that page, you want to look at the “Response Time” graph. Right now, it’s >2000ms. You want to wait for it to drop below 1000ms, probably. There’s a convenient 1300ms line to try and keep an eye on that. What’s probably happening more often than not is that requests are timing out, rather than it’s actually down.

The web application page is also useful, as it’s gone down twice today:

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Right, the bottleneck today seemed to be on the main server not having enough capacity, so many requests were likely timing out.

We’ve just put in a new frontend server that should be able to handle this without so much trouble, going forward.

Also, the temporary issue you emailed about was likely from us moving these things around – should be all good now. But please let us know if you all notice any other issues!