Serve blog on different federate address

Hi, I serve my blog over I enabled federation now when someone wants to follow me they would write but I want it to be only. So can I do that??


me too.

Actually I’d like to be able to select the Mastodon instance if possible. I’m over at and myblog is hosted at with being federated. I want to switch that to Is it possible?

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The problem with doing what you want: is you have to have WriteFreely responding to web requests at Which, since the mastodon instance already answers that mean’s no. If the owners of domain will let you subdomain, like, then your writefreely follow would be which is as close as you’re gonna get.

There may be some really esoteric endpoint proxying capable like so all endpoint requests to are redirected to but that’s hecka complex and you need the domain owners and instance admins involved. When other federated services hit your wf instance the URL they use is: ← a request for post content ← for listing of your blog posts (similar to how mastodon checks for toots)* ← fonts, CSS,icons that aren’t user specific* ← server info, stats, list of users etc. (this would conflict with the mastadon instance)

You could map the usrname specific endpoints to redirect to a wf subdomain (, but since the mastodon instance is already servicing calls under your mastadon user name you’d have to rename your blog to be like

In @esmailelbob 's case, IF he owns the domain and can park a wf server to respond to web requests FOR then yes, he/she/they can.

But if there’s already a webserver doing something for (which is really to be clear; http/s ASSUMES unless you specify a subdomain its www. whatever) then it and writefreely will fight.