Separating WriteFreely from

I’ve recently been thinking about moving WriteFreely (WF) resources (source code, documentation, tutorials, etc.) from spaces to WF-only spaces. Mostly, I’d like to create more distinction between WriteFreely (the software) and (the service), so WF can continue growing as a free software project.

This would include things like:

In the future, it might also be worth creating a WF-only forum or Phabricator instance. But while the project is still small, I think it’s best to keep those connected to our existing systems.

Any thoughts? Anyone interested in helping out with this?

Yes. Thoughts first in Reactive Listening / Parsing Qualia:

  • Yes. Modular Semantic Data Heirarchy. Good. That’s the future, vs “All in W0nder Reductionist Viewports”
  • This also helps developers who really will stop looking at something if they can’t find it. (I hate things that aren’t organized, if I can’t find the code and documentation, last release, change-log etc- I assume it was for a college class or a few friends and move on.
    -Funding advantages if WF is structured as an NPO of some sort, IIRC.

-Its a good idea, and i was looking at phabricator the other day, i like it. it makes me think…

how about we start a code repository? i already have and, and am presently trying to architect a meta distributed modular (not plugins) think engine that does everything properly and parses the rest of the web, (here are the domains i have so far- as well as trims external ads, reformats pages, when it aggregates, and supports autonomy flow in ad tailoring to sand grain levels… // natural language driven network in reverse but for people- as incrementally the next 20 years will be about re-educating common sense, logic, rhetoric, mathematics- philosophy- and a sound understanding of the natural sciences-

and i am being far too verbose- but its a big project- and i see having a huge role- it is multi-decade, and i am trying to solve problems that IANA/ICANN are simply not- because while the IETF gets it, they dont have the control to just slap things into place with a large trout, and the money doesn’t care. — This network is going to be so big you cannot buy it, and it cannot be sold or considered a monopoly-- because theres no stock. the people own it. if there was such a thing. there is democratized fully transparent public voting on issues, there are geographic and logical roles for elders and nodal points,

there are services for barter and trade ( and ( and ( for food sharing. (as a general purpose state by state subdomain for artisans and crafters to sell and display wares, (craigs without suck and all the junk), and (a homeless outreach by state with youtube style but more intimate documentary clips self recorded by the donees- their world- immediate- true reflections- to bring an open and socially linkable public dialogue around homelessness- and how it is very much going to produce the same result with anyone who sleeps outside that long, etc- mental health- (one click saved emergency contact web dialer) btw all domains listed here i already have, as well.

there are SO many things i am rolling out in parallel and slowly. i hope that others begin (as they seem to be) to understand i have been watching and collecting everyones shared vision the last 20 years…

it is critical to stress this project is multi decade, so if this message is too much, dont worry it wont happpen again in this forum,
and- (i know its too much- but passion is passion and your busy and your right there so i just did it.) hi. :slight_smile:

but basically oh yeah its called the-realized-network (real thoughts in action, realized as seen with your eyes.) (and also i have a plan for “if you can remember this one site” - you can get into the network and have access to all of the built in utilities and tools… etc…

then there are other things like new protocols that need to be written, stuff like that…

its interesting so far, and i think you and I have a similar version of what we want to see- a web that people control, understand easily, can use- and can learn from- and aide eachothers quality of life etc etc-

I’m writing a few new liscenses right now, and trying to get my dad (who has a phd in human and organizational systems) to join in or at least have some role :slight_smile: