So I intend to post a lot of stories on

To help people find stories, I will pin a post called “search” or “categories” or “archives”

So far I have three ideas:

  • a searchbar (it was posted here IIRC)
  • and/or categories (with tags) like this:
  • and/or a list of posts (might get too big)
  • and/or…?

I would like a Search bar – and Categories.

For categories I put a hashtag inside each post (at the end in my case) and pinned a new post with the hash/categories.

This gives:

For the search bar: @cjeller1592 created a searchbar, it’s somewhere here.

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sfss, thanks. Interesting how you’ve done the archives. Clever, nice…I did see the search bar code. I’m trying it, but slow. Thanks, again.