Safari Says Site Not Private

Just tonight Safari is blocking my site (, stating it is not secure. I can click a few links to get through. The https appears ok, but grateful to know what I can do.

Sorry about that issue – you should be set now!

We’re looking into issues with our automatic certificate processes right now, as this seems to be affecting several people. So while we work on a fix, everyone should let us know if they add a custom domain and notice any issues. That way we can ensure everything works smoothly!

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Super-Thanks Matt. Appreciate it.

Having the same issue on please advise.

Certificate is live now, @lawrenceip!

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Thank you Matt :v: Balloon Boy is happy :grin: Have a good one!

Hi, Matt!
I added a custom domain for my blog yesterday and it’s still showing up as not secure. Can you help?


After a refresh, Safari on my iPad is showing your site as secure.

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Yep, you’re all set now @ariadnemm! Thanks for your patience on that.

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Awesome, thanks!

Yay, thanks! :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:

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Hi Matt,

I’m having the same problem -



You’re all set now, @x0darkpadr3!


Hi @matt !

I’m also having the certificate problem. My site is

Keep up the good job,

You’re all set now, @martingl!

As an update for everyone, we’re getting very close to a solution and should have it in place within the next week! With the new system, certificates will be generated on-demand, meaning much less time waiting for them to be added to your site. I’ll keep you all updated here when that’s in place.

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Our new SSL certificate system is live now! With this, no one should see these kinds of issues anymore. More about this update here:

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