RSS feeds are broken gets redirected to, which is invalid.

Hi @dosena, I’m having a little trouble replicating this. Can you share the exact blog where you see this happening?

Those links do redirect, so maybe try the canonical ones instead? They include a trailing slash, so for @matt it’d be

Using the canonical links still results in a “no feed found” error.

Just want to say that RSS on feedbin is working for writefreely instances, so maybe it’s directly related to service.

We’ve fixed the redirect error with the additional slash on and WriteFreely (#475). But there might be a separate issue with Feedbin getting accidentally blocked by our servers on We’re still looking into what’s going on there.

@matt I think I am also running into the feedbin issue. Any updates on that front?

Can you all share the blogs you’re trying to follow from Feedbin, so we can watch for those requests and make sure they’re not getting blocked?