RSS feed shows full post content instead of a short description

Most RSS viewers only show the description of the post and then selecting it will pull up the full post content. The current RSS feed shows the entire post as the description in my aggregator.
I use the <!--more--> to shorten my posts on my blog and I believe the RSS feed should follow the same principle. <description> should only be as long at the exerpt the post list shows and natually <content> is the full post.

Great suggestion @9mmtylenol! I wonder if it’d work where the feed could be set to look for <!--more--> and if it’s there, add only that much of the post to the description. If the excerpt tag is not there, should it show the whole post anyway or nothing at all?

I believe it should follow if the user uses the <!---more--> tag. Some would use their blog for small statuses and updates and would not need the tag since there would not be a huge body to those posts. So if there is no tag, use the <description> would carry the same content of <content>.

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