Rich Editor That Also Supports Markdown

I’m a huge fan of Markdown but feel that it is a barrier to normies adopting vs. more mainstream alternatives that offer rich text editing by default.

Curious if it would make sense to offer the option of allowing a rich text mode by default and allow easy switching or use of Markdown.

Here are two approaches I’ve seen:

  • Tumblr allows switching between rich text, HTML, and markdown modes. Its default mode is rich text. I believe Automattic plans to make it open source.
  • Ello has an interesting approach. They support both rich text and markdown within the same mode. I believe their code is open source.


Hi @fjhvio! We are actually now in the process of developing a WYSIWYG editor (basically a rich text editor) as an additional option to the plain-text editor for both & WriteFreely.

Would love to open it up to feedback and suggestions from everyone about what you’d like from a rich text mode/WYSIWYG editor. There are a lot of ways to implement it (as you’ve brought up @fjhvio) so we’re curious what y’all think!


CJ- I would love to help test this, if that is still necessary. :slight_smile: