Retain old URL's during blog transition to

I am planning to transition a Jekyll blog to This blog is running on my own domain and the posts have a URL structure of the form: When I do the transition to, I will set up DNS such that this domain now points to and copy the existing posts. Is it possible for me to get the same URL structure ( also on so that people who have saved the old URL’s of my posts do not notice any difference?

Hi @pramode75! Welcome. While we don’t support a customized URL structure like this right now, readers will automatically be redirected from this style of URL to the URL. For example, will automatically redirect to, and everyone will still be able to read your posts.


Thank you, i think this should do the job for me!

Perfect! Let us know if you need any help with migrating / transitioning to

Out of curiosity, what was the argument for not using blog-standard URL formats which include the date structure?