Reset password...?


Signed up yesterday but somehow my password does not work.
Is there a reset button or do I have to wait for a manual reset (I hope not…)?


It’s manual right now – I think I responded to you via email, but let me know if not :slight_smile:

For everyone else, just tell us your username via email and we’ll reset it for you. An automated way to reset it is still in development.

You can now reset your password automatically!

As long as you’ve added an email address to your account, now you can go to our login page and click Reset password. Next, enter your username, and you’ll receive an email with a link to create a new password.

If you haven’t added an email address to your account, you’ll still need to contact us, so we can verify that you’re the owner of the account and manually restore your access.

Because of this, if you don’t particularly need the extra privacy protection, we’d recommend adding an email address to your account.