Replacing ‘blog requires a password’ text

Curious whether those of us with password protected blogs can replace the ‘This blog requires a password’ text, which sits above the password entry field, with custom text of our own choosing – and if so, what steps/code would be necessary in doing so?


The text shown on the password-protected page is not dynamic, and it is part of the template itself. If you are on a WriteFreely instance and want to modify it site-wide, you can do ahead and modify the template itself. Upon restart, the WriteFreely server will pick-up the changes. Otherwise, WriteFreely does not support it at the moment.

I’m not exactly sure if supports this. It might actually be possible by injecting some custom Javascript.

It seems that it is not a planned addition either as per the quick search on the Phabricator.

So with, unlike WriteFreely, you can add Custom JavaScript to your blog that can replace the ‘blog requires a password’ text with something else.

Here is some JavaScript you can add in your blog’s Customize page.:

document.getElementsByClassName('access')[0].getElementsByTagName('h2')[0].innerText= 'Add your personalized text here.';

Hope that helps! Glad to see improvements to the code since.