Replace 'published with'

Hi folks,

I’m on the Pro tier and I’d like to replace ‘published with’ with some other custom text.

I found this post: Remove Branding from Footers but it doesn’t work exactly how I’d like.

I believe the link above explains how to add content before and after ‘published with’ but I couldn’t figure out how to simply replace that content.

I’d appreciate any help if possible. Thanks!

I don’t think you can do that. You could remove it with the following CSS though:

body footer nav { display: none; }
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Hi @jehan! You can definitely do this. All you have to do is go to your blog’s Customize settings and add some code to the Custom JavaScript. There are two options depending what you’d like to do.

If you want to simply replace the text:

x = document.querySelector('footer').getElementsByTagName('nav')[0];
x.innerText = 'published with my hands';

If you want to add links or styling:

x = document.querySelector('footer').getElementsByTagName('nav')[0];
x.innerHTML = 'published with my <i>hands</i>'

Hope that helps! Would be glad to clarify anything in the code if need be.


Thanks, @kevquirk. At minimum, it’s helpful to know that I can just hide it :slight_smile:

@cjeller1592 Thanks!! That works perfectly. Really appreciate it :slight_smile:


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