Removing 'WriteAs' logo from header

Hey everyone,

I’m re-jigging my site, and noticed that the Write.As ‘W’ logo appears right above my site name on smartphone… [top image]… though, interestingly, not on desktop [bottom image].

Does anyone know if there’s a way to remove said logo from the header, for mobile readers?

Thank you.

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I recommend that you submit a feature request to remove the branding from blogs (i.e. logo and text footer), possibly as an additional paid option. I’m interested too.

I would say that is easy to remove with custom css. However I browsed your site on my mobile phone and I do not see the logo on there.

I’d prefer a native solution as overly customizing CSS may break a theme if something changes in the official theme or infrastructure.

@jas — I didn’t see the logo on mobile (iPhone 7 with Safari) or desktop (Firefox). So maybe (and hopefully) you’re the only one seeing it.

Thank you everyone for responding.

The logo was displaying on the mobile site on my phone… it seems to have disappeared today. I’m not too sure why. Either way, this appears to be resolved - for now.

So the logo only shows up on blogs on custom domains while you’re logged into on that device / browser. This is meant to be a shortcut to help you get back to the application.

I can definitely see how that’s confusing / unclear though, so maybe I can change it to something that makes this more clear.

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Makes sense, from my point of view no changes are needed.