Removing Subscribers

Is there any way one can purge/remove email and followers from your blog?

@support @matt Help?

Any help or update on this? @support @matt?

Are you planning on continuing to publish new posts to the same blog? Trying to think of a workaround until support can get to you.

Sorry for the delay @x0darkpadr3. I can remove your email subscribers, but doing it for fediverse followers is going to cause some funky effects. Current followers won’t receive future updates, but to them, it’ll look like they’re still following you. So they simply won’t get your updates, and they’d have to know to re-follow you if they want to get them.

I’ll take care of the email subscribers now, but let me know if you’re okay with those side effects for fediverse followers too.

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Thanks @Matt (and @dino),

I very much appreciate the help. For the Fediverse followers, they can stay with the exception of as this is an old account of mine that isn’t active. If you could remove that one, that would be awesome. Thanks

Sounds good – just took care of that.