Removing/hiding pinned post links on individual post pages?

Is there a way to remove the pinned post link(s) on individual post pages (appearing at the top of the page, to the right of the title/title image)? I would like to set up about, works, etc. pages on one of my blogs, but only want the links that doing so creates on the main page.

Any insights or code by which I could achieve this would be great! Thanks!

Edited: Additionally, is there a way to change the default font, blogwide? I just pinned a post and realized that it still appears in serif. I’ve managed to change the font for the pagination links, via an answer from another topic I had posted here asking the same, but I still run into issues like this every now and again, and was hoping I could just use some code to change my font to the monospace font used, universally throughout the site. To the point where it wouldn’t even matter if I posted in a different font from the editor (if this is possible). In lieu of this, if there was a way that I could change font for the pinned post links (and hide them e.g. the first portion of the post), that would be great too.

Thanks again!

For removing the links to pinned pages on individual posts, you can try the css below.

#post header nav a.pinned {
    display: none;