- privacy-first, portable comments

I’m thinking that in the future, readers who are subscribed via email will be able to reply to individual posts via email, and be able to comment on them that way.


I like that capability. Are you saying email capability instead of a comment section? Or capability for both or either? Thanks.

I’m thinking both, or either – giving you the option to accept responses at all, and the option to have any responses sent that way shown in your comment section.


Wow, thank you, Matt. That sounds awesome.

This may have been mentioned, I didn’t read 100% of the responses. But the ability to turn comments on by the post… sometimes you want input and sometimes you just want to speak your mind without others opinions… thoughts?

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I am very much interested in available to install as own instance. Considering great experience provided by WriteFreely, I expect you guys can make as one more clean, fast and smooth open source project.

Even though I got into fediverse this year, I already enjoy Mastodon, PeerTube and WriteFreely. While Mastodon is excellent Twitter alternative, I use WriteFreely as draft notebook for quick notes that some time in the future might become full featured posts on my heavyweight blog. It would be great to receive ActivityPub comments to WriteFreely posts!

While PeerTube has fediverse comments capability, my wish would be to have comments system to integrate with WriteFreely (and perhaps PeerTube too?) to have single comments lifecycle (moderation, user authentication, etc.).

If/when goes public as open source project, it could also reuse for it’s comment functionality.

Main driver for me to choose WriteFreely was aim to learn Go lang so I hope in a while I’ll be able to contribute and hopefully help with and if/when they become open source :slight_smile:


Would this be something under the control of each individual user, or something, say, a WriteFreely instance admin could set instance-wide rules for? Asking because should I move toward setting up a WriteFreely community I would want to disallow comment anonymity, and certainly disallow being able to morph oneself between different single-use usernames, because that feature risks preventing me from being able to punish code of conduct violations site-wide.

Great point. Again these are still just ideas for now. But either way, the version usable with WriteFreely would be configurable by the instance admin first, and then by the individual users. (And perhaps the ability for users to configure things themselves could be configurable by an instance admin.)

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I’d like to suggest another feature as well: the ability to add a custom action if a comment matches a given criteria (e.g. a regex match or any other text processing - maybe allow JavaScript?). Let’s say that I’d like to cold-bloodedly delete without previous verification any comments matching a given regex (like offensive words or phrases) or keep long comments (char count) on hold (hidden) until approval, because maybe I’d like to respond to them in another blog post instead of in a comment session.

Maybe I didn’t express myself well enough. It’s just an idea, though.

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Why we can`t show activity pub reactions below the content? For example, I published content and someone in mastodon respond via tooth. Why not show this below the content? If you think the cause for abuse, maybe a little moderation tool fixes this problem.

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Forgive the slightly extreme comparison, but having comments or not is the differentiator between thinking oneself to be infallible and knowing that you aren’t. It’s dictator vs. scientist, closed vs. open, Trump vs. Denmark. Openness is more than being open to content, it should also include being open to discussion.

Now, “comments” by or in themselves aren’t really needed. What seems to be needed is a pingback/webmention system, one that is “open” enough to not be stuck inside the own architecture. IndieWeb/POSSE like webmentions, integration of Twitter/Mastodon content, with linkback and the goose’s fed.


@matt, do you know Derek Sivers blog? He gets hundreds of comments by thoughtful people without spammers or trolls getting published.

It’s a shining example of how good comments on a personal blog can be. No social media required.

Here’s an example post, right on topic for users.


Not sure for me, but for a friend of mine new to yes, definitely.

We would both contribute for a crowdfunding campaign.


Wow. That’s cool. I’m a fan of comments on blogs.

I really like comments and think it can be very stimulating. And such as is approaching itself I really think it could be stimulating and nothing that would attract trolls in the first place. I know has limited the search function to minimize spam/trolling in their comments/mention feed. When is live?

Hi! Is this project active?

Seconding what the last commenter asked: is still actively in development? I know is currently taking precident, which is great and I understand the limitations, given the small team that makes up As I’m considering dropping the $100 for a year of Commento, I just wanted to check whether this is going to be on the horizon at some point. Thanks!

Sorry for not getting back on this earlier! At this point, we’ve figured out the core features for – mostly revolving around protocols we want to support which will let everyone start commenting. So we plan to start development in the first quarter of next year! (See our roadmap.)

As with other brand new tools like, at launch, we’ll start by including with your Pro subscription. And when we have something ready for you to try out, we’ll let you know on this thread and Twitter / Mastodon.



Any updates now that we are in 2021?