Is supposed to send emails or other notifications to a blog author when their posts get comments? Some of my posts got comments but I didn’t receive any emails. I realized about the comments only by stumbling upon Café by chance.

In the blog settings I turned on the option Updates > Allow replies via How do I know when someone comments on my posts?

I found a discussion where Matt said there are no comment notifications yet.

Although I see why Matt wants to implement this intentionally, not having a practical way of knowing when someone comments where quickly gets out of hand, and doesn’t scale even when new blogs have few posts. And, as a reader, this doesn’t motivate me much to comment.

Yep, this is what the Mail page on is for… It’ll show you only your blog posts that have received replies (but not your replies to comments on other’s posts yet). So the best way is to regularly check this page.

Once we have it so you can see all your activity / interactions here, then we’ll probably address notifications.

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