commenting when comments are off (bug?)

I recently turned off commenting on tmo because I wanted some “chill” time. And they turned off successfully, but then tonight when I turned them back ON, I noticed that I had some missed comments (people were commenting even though I had disabled the feature).

Not a BIG deal, but it defeats the purpose of having them off, yea? Or maybe I am missing something?


Yeah, this is a bug… I’m guessing people were able to comment because of the “Discuss…” link in your posts, which stay active right now when you turn off commenting (I believe @maol also reported this to me). Will get it fixed!

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ah, I didn’t think that I would need to remove the “Discuss…” module from the end of the post. Is it added automatically, or did I add it to my signature? I’m too lazy to look and find out, haha!

Anyway, hope whatever it is gets worked out eventually :slight_smile: