- can't answering & bad gateway

the first bug is here : rights - #2 by DavidBlue
I’ve tried many situations (including answering to others post), but i didn’t see replying working once. I’ve put some replying links in my posts, so i don’t know i have to find an alternative or wait.

  • café is responding 502
    Sign in to is responding bad gateway. It’s not slow for my side, it’s broken.

I’m understanding there is still development for this project, but when you say that you’re allowing subscribers to use it, it’s half a lie ;D

Thanks for the work !

With the last development, i can visit café and see the discussions, but if i want to answer to one of them, i have still forbidden restrictions

|error_msg|You don’t have permission to reply as this author.|

Thanks for letting me know. I just responded in that original thread: