cafe slow/never loads

Probably you are aware, but just in case: remark cafe is super slow to load and often results in a 502.

Yeah, I need to optimize the database queries there. I hope to get to that soon.

Sorry this took so long to get to. This should be fixed now!

Cafe is working better now (loads much faster), but I see this at the top, and I am not sure how to use it? Did I miss a blog post about this feature?

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No formal announcement yet, right now it’s just for fun :slightly_smiling_face: If you click the checkbox, you’ll see that you publicly join the chat room. It’s ephemeral – anyone viewing the Cafe at the same time can see the conversation and join in on it, but nothing is saved.

Was thinking I’d organize a time for everyone to join in at the same time and have a little chat. Or anyone else can feel free to do the same!

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Nice! I’ll give it a go if someone arranges something :slight_smile: Or maybe I’ll try to put together a “” with some people, myself (good name there, btw)

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Works well! BTW @matt the only thing holding me back from using the feature is the fact that there can’t be some form of guest posting… is that in the pipeline?

What were you imagining for the guest post feature, @justinf? Would you want to be able to turn comments into guest posts you publish on your blog?

Sorry, I meant guest comments (no having to go thru all the steps to register at first), or some kind of super simple signup

Ah, yep! That’s absolutely where we’re heading, at least in some fashion. The focus right now is getting the basic functionality and the community down. Then my idea is to make it easier for specific groups to come in and comment – e.g. your dedicated readers.

But are there particular people you have in mind that you’d like to let comment on your blog right now?

“Subscribe to comment” or some kind of equites checkbox to agree to subscribing in order to submit a comment would be cool.