Quick question: what are the size and filetype requirements for uploading an avatar to my account? The current pics I have look to be too big. Thanks!

Looks like our normal size limits might not have been applied to… I just fixed that, so the same limits you see on should apply here now (12MB max). Could you try uploading again?

Still seeing the same issue since before the change was made. I select my pic to be the avatar and I am shown a page to crop it - but the picture itself is much much larger than the space I’m given to crop the pic. I’m using pics that are less than 5MB, both are png format. I’m on Linux and used both firefox and brave. Anything I need to change?

Ah, I noticed this with small PNGs, like below 250px wide / high. It seems to be an issue with the cropping tool we’re using. What are the dimensions of the picture you’re using?

80x80. I also resized it to 20X20 and tried again but got the same results.

resizing to 550x550 worked. thanks!

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