Regional pricing

Hi all,

I’m from India and would like to buy the Pro version of but the annual price of $60 seems much more suited to the western world, than our economic realities. I wondered if you could please consider adding regional pricing, so we could actually afford this wonderful suite of products!

This was also requested on another thread in detail:

Thanks for bringing this up @justthesea, and for your kind words! I’m glad we’ve built something you’re so interested in.

We’ve considered regional pricing in the past, but unfortunately it’s very difficult for a tiny company like ours to support it. And ultimately, I’d like to support writers around the world in other ways.

Since our software, WriteFreely, is free and open source, anyone can run it without paying our hosting fees. So we’re looking outside our company to make hosting available in places like India, and we actually encourage anyone with the technical ability to offer their own WriteFreely hosting and charge for it.

In the grand scheme, we’d rather have many WriteFreely hosting companies based locally in various countries, instead of offering regional pricing. I feel this would be the best way for our bootstrapped company to serve people in different economic situations, especially because every country’s people understand their own situation better than we do.

As an example, last week we announced a collaboration with our first trusted hosting provider, based out of Albania:

We’d like to continue doing this. So I’d like to mention that if anyone is interested in partnering on this, please let us know!