Refreshing Statistics

Wondering whether there’s some method by which blog owners could refresh their statistics page. If not, while I know this isn’t under the designated topical tag, I’m hoping the option can be implemented in the future – by way of simply placing a button to trigger the action (and maybe a warning pop-up to verify intention and prevent any accidental data loss).

Please and thank you!

Which statistics in particular are you hoping to refresh?

Right now, the Subscribers and Top 25 posts sections are always up-to-date when you open your Stats page. However, both the visitor graph and Referrers section aren’t – these are cached for about 6 hours, as they’re running on a separate analytics server that processes a lot of data.

After reading this over multiple times, and beginning to consider the likelihood that my brain finally broke (sike, it’s been like this for a while now), it eventually clicked: ‘refresh’ wasn’t the most accurate descriptor, so much as to ‘reset’.

CW, TW: tedious, boring monologue


Longform explanation: the issue is pretty specific, and admittedly, I’m acting as a surrogate for my OCD by mentioning it at all. Anywho, I’d been testing some shit for my personal site via some throwaway clones featuring some throwaway URL’s (inadvertently or otherwise, jumping to my blog multiple times), which I’m now hoping will eventually drop off from the Referrers section. In lieu of any existing method for doing so manually, that is. Considering the notion of them sitting there, stark and obsolete for all of time is low-key nerve-racking. Hopefully my lil’ anecdote made sense, while only mildly sounding like the ravings of a lunatic. :joy::gun:

Anyways, any insight on a solution would be super appreciated!