Recommendation (that I wish I could develop, but just an idea)

It seemed obvious to me when I thought of it, but, when one opens a tab on Firefox or Chrome, is there a way to make that default page the page? If not, it would be a cool extension for FF/Chrome so people can be prompted to blog straight away upon opening a new tab. is ideal for this, because it’s straight-to-editor. It could increase one’s (impulsive) opportunities to write, and just write write write.

I am sure the former option is possible, so I will set my browser to such, but just wanted to drop this idea.


A way of doing this is to set the home page to in the browser’s settings.


yes, after some digging around I saw that this was able to be done in Firefox via (or something like that), but that changed in Firefox 41, and now it can only be done via an extension (apparently). I got an extension but it seemed like it was a feature that could be found through digging around Settings long enough, haha.

I had it up and running for a bit, but then realized that the URL was filled-in with, the URL, of course. Defeats the purpose of a new tab. If I could configure it to be A) a new tab with the page I wanted (e.g and B) have the URL set to blank, that would be desirable. Because then I would have a new blog entry be an option on that page, but I could just navigate somewhere else if I wanted.

And so it is…

Another possibility (that may well be better if I’m understanding you correctly) would be to create a web page that you save as a local file, and then have that be what your browser pulls up on a new tab. That way you could style it however you want, and have links to e.g. the “new” page and/or anywhere else you’d like.