Read.writeas Twitter feed not live

The Twitter feed for read.writeas is not happening live as it was a few weeks earlier. Anyway to fix this problem?

We’re looking into why there’s a delay on the feed and we’ll keep everyone updated once it’s fixed. Thanks for noticing this @anihil!

Hey @cjeller1592 this problem still persists. Also I didn’t find my post on today’s twitter update. This is a great feature to have posts go up live and this lag is irksome.

Hey @anihil, so sorry about that! I tried to look for your latest post and it still wasn’t there. We’re using IFTT right now, so it might be something on IFTT’s end that’s the problem. We’ll look to fixing them problem with a custom solution in the near future. Has this happened for every post of yours or only a couple here and there? Thanks for your patience on this!

In the meantime I’d recommend setting up cross-posting to your Twitter account. With your Pro account you have unlimited cross-posting. That way each post is sent out to Twitter as a tweet, bypassing the retweeting process. You can learn more about setting that up here:

Again, sorry for the inconvenience there and hope the cross-posting solution helps in the meantime.

Thank you for the patient reply @cjeller1592. If I have multiple identities, can I have multiple twitter accounts logged in as well or would it be only the first one I login with?

You can actually add as many Twitter accounts as you’d like to cross-post to! Once you set up your other accounts, you’ll just click the button for each Twitter identity you want to cross-post in the Publish to… nav bar.

Once you set the accounts to cross-post to for one post, it will automatically be set to cross-post to those accounts for any future post you make – no clicking the Twitter options every time.