, not working properly?

So granted, it could just be that no one has published on R.w.a for five hours, and that is why there are no new posts, but in my experience with R.w.a, there is almost ALWAYS a new post every couple of hours at least.

But still - it seems that posts sometimes publish three or four or even six at a time, like they were held up in a queue. And sometimes when I am publishing something, it goes up onto R.w.a right away, sometimes there is a five or so minute delay.

Just wondering if the service is working as expected?

Hey @tmo, everything has been looking good on our end for the past few days! When there’s any delay, it’s because posts on R.W.a are cached for 10 minutes. So if several people publish around the same time, the posts won’t show up until the site refreshes to the latest ones.

Do let us know if you notice anything else that looks odd in the future though!

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