Can be accessed from the API? Perhaps as a special collection? I can imagine some interesting possibilities with such an API open to people. Thanks!

Yep, we have a minimal, experimental API in place right now. It’s basically just one endpoint:


Returns 100 most-recent Read posts, paginated.

Optional parameters:

parameter example value use
skip 10 Specifies the number of posts to skip, for implementing pagination.

Data is returned in the same JSON structure as the API, including the data envelope, so it should be possible to reuse data structures from those client libraries.

Our goal in having this was to eventually create a Read mobile app, but with now we’ll likely end up building something larger / more generalized, so we don’t have any active plans to develop the API further. But if you want to share what you’d like to build, maybe we could support certain features you need.

Thanks Matt,

I just included this endpoint in an update to the Python library.

My first inclination is to use this API to search for certain tags, but that is something I can do so within this current API. Will play around with it more to get a sense of what additional features would be needed.

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Just noticed that the returned Read posts have zero views, regardless of what a post’s view count actually is. Totally understand if this is unsalvageable. I thought of creating a little utility that would grab the most viewed posts from the Read feed.

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