Read posts in chronological order?

Sorry if this is really simple, but I’m trying to read and it would be really nice if I could start from the oldest post and go forwards in time as I have, well, time.

A /page/nnn URL will go out of date and stale as new posts get made, and I’ll lose my place. Tumblr used /chrono/ for this - seems like a sensible URL scheme?

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Hi @riking, welcome! This is really good input.

Right now authors decide the order to show their posts in, but it could be interesting to let readers decide. @matt, what do you think?

Yeah, I think this would be a great feature to add – I love functionality that doesn’t clutter up the interface but is still accessible to everyone :slight_smile:

The /chrono/ URL scheme makes sense – I think we could do something very similar, and make it available on the entire blog (based on a quick test, it looks like Tumblr only supports it when browsing by tag).