# questions

  1. is there a way to see the #’s I’ve used on my site, so I can be consistant despite not having memory? That would allow me to use them as a type of category organization, which I’d love.

  2. A list of tags so people can brows them (likely the same as above, but a separate use of it, from the reader side vs. the writer side.

A typical url for tags looks something like this: https://deaconpatrick.org/tag:Catholic. So you could make a pinned post that includes similar links to tags that people can browse.

As far as the first case goes, it requires some digging into the Write.as API a bit. I did a little tinkering around with the API and grabbed the tags you’ve used for your blog so far:

[‘theologyofthebody’, ‘Catholic’, ‘universe’, ‘life’, ‘Gospel’, ‘Hate’, ‘Love’, ‘Rivendell’, ‘FixedGear’, ‘WithAbandon’, ‘vanishingcommonarts’, ‘cursive’, ‘GodsEngineering’]

@Matt, maybe a simple tag manager would be a good tool to incorporate later down the road?

Thank you, @cjeller1592! I’ve now done what I ought to’ve already, and have a list of #’s in my project notebook.

Going back through my posts I remembered a frustration/challenge of tags because they are getting used in different places, therefor differently.

Twitter tags: tags I choose because I think they are what others will search for or are already using. For me, this includes the #’s Catholic, universe, hate, love, cursive. I only used these tags because of Twitter, and other than there, they are a form of clutter. I’d rather they were’nt part of my blog “Category” tags. For example, arguably, all my posts are Catholic, so it is a usless Category tag.

I wonder if there could be “Category tags” for blog organization? Somehow I select which tags of the tag cloud I’ve used are Categories. These then appear in Category navigation for both writer and reader.

Personally, I have tag index in my about page and edit it manually. It’s pretty easy for me to maintain because I’m really methodical with my tags, and I don’t use a huge variety of tags. Though, I’d think it’d be super cool if there was a way that it was automated instead.

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