Question on and my custom blog domain

Hi all and happy holidays! I’m wondering why about something :blush:. Why is it that r.w.a when my blog updates there, the custom domain is not used. I had changed things awhile ago to use only but then decided to use my custom domain again. I made the necessary changes to dns and added the domain to blog config. This was perhaps a month ago or so.

What do you mean by “the custom domain is not used” ?
Do you mean that you can’t see your blog when you type your custom domain URL ?

Hey @mpmilestogo, thanks for mentioning this. We had an issue on Read where it would fall back to the URL, instead of the custom domain, caused by our recent changes around SSL certificates (some things weren’t in sync behind the scenes).

We’ve just fixed this, so your custom domain should always be correctly linked from RWa now!