Is there a way to use python to customize my pages? or do I need to learn java to do so?

Hi @Ghost59, what exactly are you hoping to customize on your pages?

I am writing a novella and I want to be able to put it on my page. Like, have to so you don’t have to go to a new page to continue the story. Kinda like how you have a digital book or on kindle.

Hmm, do you think it’d make sense to break up your novella at all, like by chapter?

If so, you could always choose the “Novel” display format for your blog, and create one post for each chapter. Then you wouldn’t need to do any other customization.

Otherwise, there’s a 500,000 character limit per post for Pro users (it’s 50,000 characters for Free users). If your novella isn’t longer than that, you can simply publish it entirely as a single post.

Oh, I will try it out actually. I can do it with chapters.