PW reset, e-mails

Got an e-mail to reset my PW on I didn’t request to reset my PW. In the e-mail, it says “your account is still safe, but e-mail us if this wasn’t you”. So, I sent an e-mail back (“”), and haven’t gotten a response, yet. Granted it was not long ago, but just wondering if I need to reset my PW still, or if I am still A-OK? Just wondering, thanx.

You’re all good, @tmo! There’s no action needed from you. It’s likely someone just entered your username in the “forgot password” form. We like to keep an eye on this, to make sure no one is trying to get into different accounts. So we appreciate you letting us know!

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Thank you, just wanted to be sure. :slight_smile:

gonna delete this post now, if I can…