Published a new post and no emails were sent?

I published a new post this morning and no email went out to subscribers. Matt, can you check into this for me.


If you initially published an anonymous post, and then moved it to your blog, no email is sent to newsletter subscribers. A workaround is to set the anonymous post’s date to the current date and time before moving the post to the blog.

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Hi Paolo,
In the past I have always written posts in anonymous then moved them to my blog and an email has gone out. Has something changed in the way that works? BTW the email did finally go out a couple of hours latter.


@ldstephens This is what I observed, I’m glad to hear the situation may be improving.

thanks for the awesome information.

The issue still occurs if I don’t update the anonymous post’s date prior to moving it to my blog. I have published an anonymous post, moved it to my blog, and no email was sent to subscribers.